10 Best Refrigerator Water Filters in 2023 for Purification

The best refrigerator water filter removes contaminants from the water that enters your refrigerator. It also eliminates the odors and tastes left behind by chlorine and other chemicals. Refrigerator water filters filter contaminants out of the water by forcing them through activated carbon within the filters. Let’s choose the best refrigerator water filters for 2023.

Do you know that every year, between four and 32 million Americans become ill as a result of waterborne illness in the United States? 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 44 people in the United States falls sick from waterborne infections each year. Source

Water polluted with excrement is consumed by at least 2 billion people around the world. Microbial contamination of drinking water as a result of fecal pollution provides the greatest threat to water safety, based on WHO.

If you have a large household, a refrigerator water filter is a far less expensive alternative to bottled water for enjoying the taste of cooled, clean water. Any contaminants in your water and ice from your refrigerator will be removed by a good water filter.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a new refrigerator water filter.

I’ll go over ten of the best refrigerator water filters in 2023 on the market in this article and explain who each one is for so you can make an informed decision.

Our Top 3 Choices

We recommended the overall best fridge water filter for you. But the below-mentioned water filters are our top picks because of the filtration capability, customer reviews, and price.

Best ForBrandPrice
Best OverallEveryDrop by WhirlpoolBuy Now
Runner-UpICEPURE PLUS UKF8001Buy Now
Honorable MentionFrigidaire WF3CBBuy Now

Hey! Just Take a Look Here Before Going Through Our Picks

You are: Looking for the best refrigerator water filters

Your Budget: $24 to $76

Your Requirement: Value for Money, Reliable, High Filtration Capacity, Easy to Install

Last For: 6 Months to 5 years

Certifications: NSF/ANSI Standard 42, 53, 401

Are you the person for whom we conducted depth research and analysis to bring out the best refrigerator water filters in 2023?

Well, that’s great. You are welcome to “Your Best Gear”. 

Proceed to the later sections and find out your required and appropriate water filter for your refrigerator with reliability. Every single fridge water filter that we enlisted in this article is qualified and proven.

Least Criteria of Refrigerator Water Filter to Be Listed on “Your Best Gear”

We choose the best products for you and in this case, we follow some criteria. We think it’s crucial to share this with you.

  • Well-Known & Reliable Brand
  • Dealers’ Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Users’ Review: 4.7 out of 5
  • Value for Money
  • Standard Features
  • NSF Certified
  • Easy Installation
  • Warranty: Average 30 Days

“Your Best Gear’s choice is the choice of thousands more users as we are not for the brands, we are here for you.”

Best Refrigerator Water Filters of 2023 to Improve Your Taste of Drinking

The best refrigerator water filter can make the difference between clear, fresh-tasting water and a hazy glass of mediocrity. The design, construction, filtering capabilities, number/type of industry certifications, lifetime, ease of installation, and warranty were all factors in our study.

Refrigerator filters aren’t universal, and while they all accomplish essentially the same thing, some are somewhat better or worse than others. You must first analyze your household’s needs as well as your present refrigerator and water filter model before deciding on the best refrigerator water filter for you and your family.

The below listing covers all types and sizes of water filters that will be the best fit for your fridge whatever brand your refrigerator is. And the price of the listed fridge water filter touched every budget segment. 

Best ForBrandPrice
Best Overall Refrigerator Water Filter EveryDrop by WhirlpoolBuy Now
Best Affordable Fridge Water FilterICEPURE PLUS UKF8001Buy Now
Best Value for MoneyFrigidaire WF3CBBuy Now
Best for Large RefrigeratorsSAMSUNG – DA29-00020BBuy Now
Best Water Filter For Samsung RefrigeratorSAMSUNG Electronics DA29-00003GBuy Now
Best Inline Refrigerator Water FilterMembrane SolutionsBuy Now
Best Water Filter for LG RefrigeratorLG LT500PBuy Now
Best for Long Lasting EcoPure EPINL30Buy Now
Best for Frigidaire RefrigeratorFrigidaire EPTWFU01Buy Now
Best for Easy InstallationGE RPWFEBuy Now

1. EveryDrop by Whirlpool

EveryDrop by Whirlpool - Best Refrigerator Water Filter
EveryDrop by Whirlpool

Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10

EveryDrop is one of the few refrigerator water filters that work with a variety of major refrigerator brands. Its wide compatibility, combined with its ability to remove a wide range of impurities, makes it one of the best all-around solutions for cleaning water from a refrigerator dispenser. 

This filter removes pharmaceuticals, lead, pesticides, mercury, and a variety of other contaminants in addition to improving taste and removing chlorine. It has been tested for NSF 42, 53, and 401 standards and also removes various chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, lead, pesticides, mercury, and a variety of other contaminants.

EveryDrop isn’t the most affordable filter available, but it’s also not the most expensive. It’s compatible with a wide selection of bottom freezers and side-by-side fridges from Whirlpool, KitchenAid, JennAir, Maytag, and Amana. 

For a family of four, each filter lasts 200 gallons or around six months. While pouring the necessary 4 liters of water through it before use is a time-consuming process, installation is simple: simply insert the replacement filter into the filter compartment and close the compartment door to lock it in place.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 2.52 x 3 x 9.38 inches
  • Duration: 6 months
  • External Testing Certification: NSF
  • Brand: EveryDrop
  • Lasts for: 200 gallons
  • Certifications: NSF 42, 53, 401

Key Features

  • Make sure this fits by entering the model number of your refrigerator. Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid, and Jenn Air are the only brands that use Filter 4.
  • Offering outstanding contaminant reduction for you and your family, this product is certified to reduce 99 percent of lead.
  • Lead, pesticides, medicines, and waterborne parasites are among the 23 pollutants reduced (NSF 401, 53, and 42 certified)
  • Packaging may change as a result of a packaging refresh.


  • Adaptable to many brands
  • It can get rid of a wide spectrum of pollutants.
  • For a family of four, it can last up to 6 months.


  • Pricey
  • Snapping into place to install can be challenging.

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Overall Score: 9.3 out of 10

With three NSF/ANSI certifications (42,53,372) for the elimination of odors/bad taste and toxins including lead and mercury, this is the finest water filter for select Whirlpool and Maytag refrigerators.

Replacements are recommended every 6 months or 300 gallons for this refrigerator water filter, which has a long service life. It takes less than 20 seconds to install utilizing a snap-on mechanism to your refrigerator’s filter cartridge port. 

During our testing, we noticed that after replacing the refrigerator filter, the water was clearer and tasted much better.

The NSF/ANSI 53, 42, and 372 certifications for 99.6% lead removal, 90.2 percent mercury removal, and 99 percent chlorine removal, respectively, attest to this refrigerator water filter’s filtration capacity. 

WQA, TUV, and ROHS certifications are also available for this refrigerator filter replacement, all of which are European Union-based standards. Consider it the United States version of UL (Underwriter Laboratories), one of the country’s most respected product safety groups. Investing in this water filter could turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.


  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 2.5 x 8.1 x 7.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.8 Pounds
  • Duration: 6 months
  • External Testing Certification: IAPMO, RoHS, ANSI, NSF, WQA
  • Brand: ICEPURE
  • Last for: 300 gallons

Key Features

  • NSF/ANSI 53,42, and 372 Lead-Free by NSF, IAPMO, European Food Grade Regulations EC-1935/2016, ROHS, REACH, BPA-Free, TUV, and Australian WaterMark are all authoritative certifications. Produced under the ISO9001 and ISO14000 quality systems, and under the supervision of three major American regulatory bodies: IAPMO, NSF, and WQA.
  • BPA-free and food-grade plastic are used in this product. coconut shell activated carbon (advanced) NSF certification is required.
  • Great value for money: not only does it provide a nutritious source of cooled water, but it also helps you save money. You won’t need to buy bottled water or invest in other water filters once you start using one of these filters. We can confidently state that this is a highly effective refrigerator filter that will provide excellent value for your money.
  • High quality: Designed and manufactured in the United States. Produced under the tight quality control systems ISO9001&ISO14000, as well as the supervision of three main American regulatory bodies: IAPMO, NSF, and WQA.
  • Longevity: After testing 600 gallons of water in the lab, the ICEPURE refrigerator water’s capacity to remove is still 99 percent. However, we strongly advise replacing it every 6 months or 300 gallons of filtered water. This is dependent on the quality of the water and the volume of water filtered. Its longevity and durability have been praised by many users.
  • Chlorine reduction was tested according to NSF/ANSI 42.
  • Imported


  • There are three NSF/ANSI certifications available. 
  • 90 percent of the most common contaminants are filtered out, and it’s BPA-free. 
  • It also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 6-month service life (300 gallons)


  • For some folks, the water flow may be too slow. 
  • The length of the coupling travel may not be ideal for some models.

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3. Frigidaire WF3CB

Frigidaire WF3CB
Frigidaire WF3CB

Overall Score: 9.4 out of 10

This water filter removes impurities such as heavy metals and pesticides, making it an appealing alternative for individuals who are concerned about drinking clean water. 

While it is more expensive than other filters available, you get what you pay for. This carbon-based water filter is NSF 42, 53, and 401 accredited, which means it will remove lead, nitrates, pesticides, and mercury from the water, making it healthier to drink.

The FRIGIDAIRE filter is simple to set up: Remove the old cartridge from the holder on the upper back of the fridge, replace it with the new one, and close the cover. 

Before using the Pure Source Ultra, run water through it for three minutes to flush it; once installed, the Pure Source Ultra will last around six months or 200 gallons.

The Frigidaire ULTRAWF is a water and ice refrigerator filter that removes hazardous impurities from water using a carbon-based filter. With this refrigerator filter, you can remove chlorine odor and flavor, as well as lead, pesticides, nitrates, and mercury, making your water and ice taste better and be safer to drink.


  • Material: Extruded carbon filter media
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 2 x 2 x 9 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.4 Pounds
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Lasts for: 200 gallons
  • Certifications: NSF 42, 53, 401

Key Features

  • Make safe drinking water a habit: Certified to eliminate toxins and ensure that you and your family have access to great-tasting water.
  • Up to 99 percent of pollutants are filtered out: Chlorine taste and odor are reduced, as are cysts, lead, mercury, pesticides, insecticides, bpa, asbestos, medicines, and other contaminants.
  • Push the new filter into the housing until it is securely in place: Easy installation always examines your use and care guide before installation, push the new filter into the housing until it is securely in place.
  • Features of the filter: The WF3CB is 9 inches long, not to be mistaken with the longer filter ultraWF. Rated capacity 200 gallons (757 liters) with indication light; WF3CB length is 9 inches, not to be confused with filter ultraWF, which is longer. Operating temperature ranges from 33 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (0.6 C -38 C)
  • To filter out pollutants, NSF 42, 53, and 401 certifications are required: NSF International tested and certified PureSource 3 for reduction of claims on the performance data sheet against NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 401.
  • The Frigidaire PureSource 3 water filter (WF3CB) cleans and improves the taste of all dispensed drinking and cooking water, as well as the water used to make ice.
  • Fits Frigidaire side-by-side models from 2009 and after that includes a water filter in the back, right top.


  • Heavy metals and pesticides are removed.
  • Provides a safer source of drinking water
  • Installation is simple.
  • NSF and ANSI certifications are included.
  • There are three separate NSF certifications available.


  • When the filter is first installed, the water may appear hazy.
  • Only some Frigidaire refrigerators are compatible.

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4. SAMSUNG – DA29-00020B

SAMSUNG - DA29-00020B
SAMSUNG – DA29-00020B

Overall Score: 9.2 out of 10

The Samsung Originals is a great carbon filter to pair with your Samsung refrigerator, but only if you have one (or other certain French door refrigerator models). This refrigerator water filter has one of the fastest flow rates of any refrigerator water filter, making it simple to use.

It’s NSF 43 and 53 approved, and it can remove minerals like iron, zinc, and manganese from your water, as well as volatile chemical compounds and parasites. The Samsung Originals filter will last approximately 6 months or 300 gallons of water.

First of all and primarily, the Samsung Originals are only compatible with a limited number of Samsung refrigerators and other devices that have a French door. Before you buy, double-check that it will work with your refrigerator.

The Samsung Originals has an activated carbon filter that effectively removes dangerous impurities while also improving the flavor of the water. The three-speed electronic controls make controlling the flow of water a breeze as well.

It can remove:

  • microbial cysts
  • lead
  • heavy metals
  • manganese
  • zinc
  • chromium
  • volatile organic compounds
  • parasites
  • particulates


  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9.38 x 5.5 x 2.69 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Duration: 6 months
  • External Testing Certification: WQA/NSF 42

Key Features

  • Samsung Genuine Water Filters are designed to eliminate pollutants and provide clean, refreshing water.
  • There are two styles of packaging available for this product. For both styles of packaging, see the product photos.
  • 300-gallon capacity, 3-speed electrical controls, low-speed 52 dBA
  • Samsung water filters have been thoroughly tested and verified.
  • Using a high-grade carbon block, you can remove over 99 percent of a variety of potentially dangerous pollutants.


  • It has an indication that lets you know when it’s time to replace it.
  • The water flow is really fast.
  • Both NSF and ANSI certifications are available.


  • Only specific refrigerator models are compatible.
  • For the filter’s lifetime, it’s pricey.

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5. SAMSUNG Electronics DA29-00003G

SAMSUNG Electronics DA29-00003G
SAMSUNG Electronics DA29-00003G

Overall Score: 9.00 out of 10

This is Waterdrop’s second refrigerator water filter that can be used in place of a genuine Samsung unit. Once again, this filter will function identically to the original. Most critically, according to three NSF certifications, pure water quality is identical.

The only difference between a generic Samsung refrigerator water filter and a genuine Samsung refrigerator water filter is that the former is far less expensive.

This Samsung water filter is designed to work with both side-by-side and French-door refrigerators.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 2.83 x 2.83 x 5.59 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.41 Kilograms
  • Duration: 6 months
  • External Testing Certification: NSF

Key Features

  • Samsung Genuine Water Filters are designed to eliminate pollutants and provide clean, refreshing water.
  • There are two styles of packaging available for this product. For both styles of packaging, see the product photos.
  • Samsung water filters have been thoroughly tested and verified.
  • Using a high-grade carbon block, you can remove over 99 percent of a variety of potentially dangerous pollutants.
  • Removes several types of water impurities, such as chlorine odor and taste, as well as dissolved lead and other heavy metals, using a high-grade carbon block.
  • This will significantly improve the taste of your water while also making it safe(r) to drink.
  • Keep sediment from accumulating in your refrigerator.
  • Minerals that are good for you are preserved in the water and added to your daily intake.
  • Maintenance is kept to a bare minimum thanks to the 300-gallon filter capacity.


  • The filtration process is NSF 42, NSF 53, and NSF 401 certified.
  • 300-gallon capacity
  • Remove contaminants almost 10 plus
  • Super easy to install


  • The modified version of the filter has a design flaw.
  • Expensive

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6. Membrane Solutions

Membrane Solutions
Membrane Solutions

Overall Score: 9.3 out of 10

The membrane solution supply line water filter is the best inline choice which is affordable, effective, and universal, you can’t go wrong with it. It comes in a two-pack and filters 1800-2000 gallons, making it the longest-lasting click-in filter on the list.

You won’t have to worry about whether or not the filter you buy will fit your fridge if you use an integrated refrigerator water filter. Because the filter is positioned on the water supply line rather than within the fridge, the water is filtered before it enters the refrigerator.

Membrane solutions are NSF-42 certified, indicating that their inline filters have been thoroughly tested and proved to meet the most stringent requirements. 

You can rely on these filters to provide you and your family with all of the clean drinking water you could want or need, as they are guaranteed to reduce visibly and taste impurities.

Membrane Solution’s carbon coconut filtration system got this outstanding filter certification, which not only improves the sight and taste of your water but also its overall quality.

Inline water filters are attached to water sources and filter particulates such as

  • Aluminum
  • Cadmium
  • Heavy metals
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Glyphosate
  • Chromium 6
  • Bad taste, etc.


  • Material: Shell carbon
  • Duration: 12 months
  • External Testing Certification: NSF
  • Brand: Membrane Solutions

Key Features

  • Safety material: High iodine adsorption capacity food-grade BPA-free activated coconut shell carbon. Compatible with NSF 42 certification to ensure that the water in your home is healthy and completely safe.
  • Excellent efficiency adsorption: Coconut-based carbon has high adsorption characteristics, removing chlorine, poor taste, and odors to improve the taste of drinking water, making it much fresher, crisper, and more pleasant to taste, resulting in a healthier lifestyle for your family.
  • Widely applied: This inline water filter may be put in any 1/4-inch hole and is commonly used to give superior water quality in refrigerators, ice makers, water coolers, beverage coffee machines, drinking water fountains, sink faucets, RVs, Campers, Boats, and RO Water Systems are all examples of equipment.
  • Universal compatibility: This inline water filter cartridge with a standard size of 10 x 2 inches is compatible with the following manufacturers and applications: SimPure T1, GE GXRTDR, Culligan IC-100A, WIC-6A, R200, Omnipure K2533JJ, Whirlpool WHKF-IMTO, WSE-100, IL-IM-01, Samsung DA29-10105J, DD-7098.
  • Easy installation: The inline carbon water filter comes pre-assembled in a disposable housing with 1/4-inch quick connectors on both ends. Simply plug the 1/4-inch water tube directly into the connections, no assembly necessary, and you’re ready to go in under 2 seconds. During the installation, please pay close attention to the precise flow direction (in and out ports).
  • Long life: When used as a post-RO carbon water filter, the service time is 12 months; when used as a single inline filter, the capacity can be up to 1800-2000 gallons or 6 months, depending on your water quality. Before using the new inline filter, make sure you flush it with at least 5 gallons of water to drain it.


  • Produce pure water that can be utilized for a variety of purposes.
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  • The installation procedure takes only a few minutes.
  • Portable and easy to transport


  • Parts that have been damaged are difficult to come by.

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7. LG LT500P

LG LT500P - Best Refrigerator Water Filter

Overall Score: 9.1 out of 10

LG, like Samsung, is mostly recognized for its electronics. They do, however, make refrigerator water filters, and they’re really good at it. One of their inventions is the LG LT800P, which was created with LG refrigerators in mind. 

This product is not only compact but also lightweight, making it appealing to a wide range of consumers. Not only that, but it’s also simple to set up, requiring no special tools to begin enjoying fresh, clean water.

This type has a filtering capacity of 200 gallons, which is approximately six months. If you want your water to be clean and safe, you must replace it after six months or 200 gallons. 

The only disadvantage we discovered with this model is that it gives the water an odd taste for the first few days. However, the taste fades quickly, making this flaw insignificant.

Of course, just because it’s a water filter doesn’t imply it’s made of paper. Nobody knows this better than LG, which is why they built this product to be extremely durable. 

Furthermore, the model has a very reliable filtration mechanism, making it the most popular choice among LG refrigerator water filters. It claims to eliminate practically all impurities, leaving you with clean, safe water to drink.


  • Material: Charcoal
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 Gram
  • Duration: 6 months
  • External Testing Certification: NSF 42, 53
  • Operating pressure: 20-125 PSI

Key Features

  • Clean, clear water that looks and tastes fantastic is delivered.
  • Most of the pollutants in water are filtered away using revolutionary water filtration technology. Designed to last up to 6 months or 500 gallons.
  • Minerals that may be advantageous to health, such as fluoride, are not removed.
  • LG water filters are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they survive for a long time.
  • Packaging is subject to change.


  • A trustworthy water filter
  • It has a six-month shelf life.
  • It claims to eliminate almost all pollutants from your water.
  • The design is small and light.
  • The construction is sturdy.


  • It gives the water a peculiar flavor at first.
  • It doesn’t work with a lot of other brands.

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8. EcoPure EPINL30

EcoPure EPINL30
EcoPure EPINL30

Overall Score: 9.00 out of 10

This EcoPure inline filter is one of the best refrigerator water filters on the market today, and it outperforms the competition in terms of how often it needs to be replaced. 

A refrigerator water filter with a 5-year life expectancy is almost unheard of, and if you’re forgetful like me, this universal inline filter might be the one for you.

Don’t let the outrageously long life expectancy fool you; this EcoPure inline filter is approved to filter out most impurities and is guaranteed to remove any chlorine taste or odor from your home’s water supply.

It is true that not all inline water filters are compatible with other refrigerators, particularly older models that lack the filter compatibility option.

The Ecopure EPILN30 filter is ideal for a variety of refrigerator brands, including Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, and others.

When you have this wonderful inline filter design to meet everyone’s filtration demands, compatibility is no longer an issue.

Because this filter is created and built in the United States, its compatibility is prioritized. It’s not just about refrigerators.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13.5 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 Pound
  • External Testing Certification: NSF
  • Brand: EcoPure

Key Features

  • Refrigerator filter that lasts 5 years and fits most manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, and others.
  • 1/4 compression and push-to-connect fittings for plastic or copper water pipes are included, making installation simple.
  • A robust construction eliminates the taste and odor of sediment and chlorine.
  • The product was designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States. Questions Call the EcoPure toll-free number.
  • Filter for 5 years, 1/4 compression and push-to-connect fittings, and an installation guide are included.


  • Installation is simple with just a push of a button. 
  • Simple 
  • Many refrigerator brands are compatible 
  • Filters that last a long time 
  • Additional adapters are included
  • It’s possible to combine them with other filters.
  • Amazing durability


  • Replacements that are inconvenient 
  • Some refrigerators require additional fittings.

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9. Frigidaire EPTWFU01

Frigidaire EPTWFU01
Frigidaire EPTWFU01

Overall Score: 8.9 out of 10

This new FFROI refrigerator water filter is the best bargain on the market right now, which is why it’s at the top of our list. You can’t go wrong with this selection, which is available in two and three-packs at an unbelievable price.

You know, you get what you pay for. This is true for the most part with most items, including refrigerator water filters, but not with these; you receive more than you pay for. 

With its triple-layer filtration design, each filter is guaranteed to block out the most minuscule impurities, making your water taste better and cleaner.

Filtering capacity is average, with this filter equaling #3 after six months or 300 gallons. This is a reasonable replacement time that is comparable to that of big-name brands. 

However, keep in mind that filter life varies and can be longer or shorter than the average listed, depending on the number of impurities in your local water supply.

According to standardized lab analysis, this water filter removes 

  • Chlorine (97.4%)
  • Asbestos (99%)
  • Cysts (99.99%)
  • Lead (99.3-99.7%)
  • BPA (99.1%)
  • Lindane (98.9%)
  • Benzene (96.5%)


  • Material: Extruded carbon block filter media
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.75 x 1.75 x 9 inches
  • External Testing Certification: ANSI, NSF
  • Brand: Frigidaire

Key Features

  • Make safe drinking water a habit: Certified to eliminate toxins and ensure that you and your family have access to great-tasting water.
  • Up to 99 percent of pollutants are filtered away.
  • Easy to install with just a few twists and pushes: Before installing a new filter, always read the user and care instructions first. Slide the new filter horizontally with the grip orientated horizontally. Turn 90 degrees to the right and push forcefully until it snaps into place.
  • To filter out pollutants, NSF 42, 53, and 401 certifications are required: NSF International tested and certified PureSource Ultra II – U and PureSource Ultra II – M for reduction of claims on the performance data sheet against NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, and 401.
  • New look, same excellent filter: Our packaging has been updated. Look for our new authentic filters in a berry-colored pattern. To ensure that your filter is genuine and sold by Frigidaire, look for the seal on the package. Packaging colors may shift from blue to berry as we adapt.


  • Water filters from Frigidaire “Make safe drinking water a habit and keep great-tasting water flowing for you and your family.”
  • Without the use of any equipment, the installation is as simple as pushing and twisting.


  • When you buy on Amazon, the major issue is counterfeit filters, which can cause difficulties like ice makers not working.
  • Make sure the package has a genuine filter seal on it. It’s the only method to ensure that your filter is genuine.

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Overall Score: 8.8 out of 10

The GE fridge water filter is compatible with any GE french door refrigerator that uses GE RPWFE or RPFW filters. 

This filter is one of the higher-performing fridge filters on the market, having been tested and certified to NSF Standards to remove a variety of contaminants such as chlorine, cysts, PFOA, lead, certain medicines, and PFOS.

It’s easy to replace the GE fridge filter, and you won’t need to use any tools or turn off the water. The manufacturer suggests replacing the filter after 6 months or 300 gallons of use, which is common for most refrigerator water filters. The GE is designed to fit into an inner slot in most refrigerators.


  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.8 x 1.8 x 9.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.01 Ounces
  • Duration: 6 months
  • External Testing Certification: NSF/ANSI Standard 42, 53, 401
  • Brand: GE
  • Filter Capacity: 300 gals.
  • Flow Rate: 0.50 GPM

Key Features

  • It’ll work with any refrigerator that employs GE RPWF or RPWFE filters right now. It can be found in several GE french-door refrigerators. Select GE french-door refrigerators that are compatible.
  • The most advanced filtration system ever developed by GE. Ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim, and fluoxetine were tested and proven to filter 5 trace pharmaceuticals.
  • Chlorine-resistant cysts, lead, some medicines, and 50 other pollutants are all reduced with premium filtration. Reduces perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluoro octane sulfonate by 99 percent (PFOS)
  • Filter replacement is simple: To change the cartridge inside the refrigerator, no water-turnoff tools are required.
  • Filter life of six months: Filter cartridges should be replaced every six months or 300 gallons for maximum filtration effects.


  • It has been tested and certified to remove a wide spectrum of pollutants.
  • Installation is simple.


  • Only work with GE appliances.
  • The countdown timer for filter replacement has been noted as being erroneous.

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What Must You Know Before Buying a Water Filter for Your Refrigerator?

You know choosing the right filter for your fridge is not only a matter of compatibility or perfection of your purchase, it means more about you and your family.

If you ask what does a water filter do? Simply answer, it purifies water to drink. Now it comes to the next question. How well your water filter can refine the drinking water?

We are here to give the complete answer to this question. Before buying a fridge water filter what should you consider is explored in this section.

Is the Water Filter Compatible with Your Fridge?

The water filter must first and foremost fit into the refrigerator. Fridge filters aren’t for everyone. Most filters are only compatible with one or two refrigerator manufacturers due to the huge diversity of connection methods in refrigerators.

The quickest approach to figure out which filters are compatible with a refrigerator is to take out the old one and look at the model number. The information you want should be found in the refrigerator’s user manual or on the manufacturer’s website. 

Another option is to go to the water filter manufacturer’s website, where you should be able to discover a list of refrigerator brands and model numbers, as well as the filters that will work with them.

When it comes to water filters, keep in mind that not all filters are compatible with all refrigerator models. While the best aftermarket refrigerator water filters will suit a wide range of refrigerators, you should still conduct thorough research before making a purchase.

Is It Certified by NSF International?

NSF International tests and certifies consumer products to guarantee that they meet particular performance, safety, and quality requirements. Testing items in the water business, such as refrigerator water filters, is one of their specialties. 

To certify what refrigerator water filters can perform, the organization uses a series of various classes.

The most straightforward way to determine how efficient your filter will be is to look at the official NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards for which it has been certified:

  • NSF 42: This certification includes water taste and color, as well as particles, chloramine, iron, manganese, and zinc.
  • NSF 53: This certification covers over fifty pollutants, including chromium, volatile chemical compounds, and parasites, among others.
  • NSF 401: This accreditation covers over fifteen different types of pollutants, including prescription medications, herbicides, insecticides, and chemical compounds.
  • NSF 372 and 61: These certifications guarantee that your water filter’s components and materials are free of harmful levels of lead contamination.

However, the most basic certification is NSF 42, which allows you to drink safe, good-tasting water. For the most part, this will suffice. If you reside in a more industrial or urban setting, NSF 53 should suffice.

Do You Need to Change It Frequently?

The average refrigerator water filter lasts around six months before it needs to be replaced. This equates to between 200 and 300 gallons of filtered water for a family of four. 

While water filters can be costly, many manufacturers offer them in packages of two or more for a lower per-unit price. Purchasing water filters in bulk is a great way to save money while keeping the water in the fridge fresh.

It greatly depends on how many people are in your family and how many gallons of water you are consuming. 

How Many Gallons of Filtered Water and Ice can Provide?

The capacity of a filter dictates how many gallons of filtered water and ice it can produce before needing to be replaced. 

The normal filtration capacity for refrigerator water filters is 300 gallons. Some types have a capacity of only 200 gallons, while others have a capacity of up to 400 gallons.

Filters that remove a wide spectrum of pollutants, on the other hand, frequently have a lower gallon rating. We presume that the cartridges are more prone to clogging as a result of the more thorough filtration procedure. 

As a result, decreased capacity isn’t always a bad thing. Sure, you’ll have to replace filters more regularly, which will increase your costs, but you’ll have superior water quality.

Can the Water Filter Remove Contaminants?

Most refrigerator water filters remove chlorine, but some can also filter out pollutants like lead and new chemicals like ibuprofen. Consider the contaminants you want to eliminate from your water, and then look for a filter that can handle them.

Arsenic, chloride, potassium, nitrate, and VOCs are not removed by refrigerator water filters. For this, you’ll need a much larger, more complex filter, such as a whole-house or reverse osmosis filter.

Are the Flow Rate and Operating Pressure Convenient?

Refrigerator water filters are available in a variety of flow rates and operating pressures. Remember that any product with low numbers next to these specs on the package is likely to be inconvenient. 

The water filter’s speed or flow rate is highly dependent on its type. If you want something simple to operate, buy a filter with a high flow rate.

Do You Know About the Cost and Warranty?


Refrigerator water filters can cost anything from $20 to $80 per. You’ll have a hard time finding an inexpensive filter for your refrigerator, albeit, as previously stated, generic name filters are more reasonable.

Premium water filter brands might be quite costly, but you can save money by purchasing many packs. Check how often you’ll need to replace the filters to figure out how much maintenance would cost.

You should replace your filter once every six months on average. Filters that need to be changed less regularly will be more expensive.


A refrigerator water filter often comes with a 30-day warranty. This practically means that if the filter proves to be defective or unusable, you will be allowed to return it. 

It’s worth noting that the filter manufacturer would almost certainly have detailed some warranty terms and restrictions, which you should ask to view. For example, returning a water filter because you assumed it eliminated lead incorrectly may not be covered by the warranty.

Not all refrigerator filters come with a warranty. It’s advisable to choose a product with a warranty if you don’t want to put all your faith in it not being defective.

Is It Okay to Buy Generic Brands of Water Filters?

You’ll note that there are multiple filters that are compatible with your fridge, and not all of them are made by the same company.

Checking out customer evaluations is crucial if you decide to go with a generic branded filter. Even if the filter is certified, it may not be the greatest option for your refrigerator or it may be even better than the official product from your manufacturer. 

Taking a chance pays off in many circumstances, as generic branded filters are sometimes far less expensive than OEM goods.

The EveryDrop filter from Whirlpool, for example, is an OEM part for Whirlpool, but it is also authorized by Maytag, Jennair, KitchenAid, and Amana, indicating that it is an OEM part for their equipment as well.

Your Best Gear’s Final Choice

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Final Words

In this article, we covered a lot of information today, so just to clarify everything that was mentioned above, I’ll summarize our list by informing you which filter you should use based on your and your family’s primary needs.

The first thing you should look for is certifications to ensure that the filter fulfills your family’s water quality requirements.

I would recommend the Whirlpool EveryDrop if you are searching for a filter with superior filtration capabilities. These filters all have two or more NSF certifications, making them three of the most effective water filters now available.

You can also go for ICEPURE PLUS UKF8001 or Frigidaire WF3CB, which are our also top picks for you comparing several factors.

However, just make sure you get a filter with the traits we mentioned earlier, and you’ll be OK.


What is a Refrigerator Water Filter and How Does It Work?

A refrigerator water filter is a device that cleans the water that is dispensed from the fridge. The majority of refrigerator filters have at least an NSF 42 rating, which means they solely remove chlorine from water.

An activated carbon block is used in most refrigerator water filters. It’s best at removing chlorine and other chemicals, as well as numerous heavy metals and a variety of other contaminants.

The most significant benefit of using a refrigerator water filter is that it delivers purer water that also tastes and smells better. However, advanced filters are not inexpensive.

How do Refrigerator Water Filters Work?

The function of a refrigerator water filter can be split down into two parts: 

  • physical and 
  • chemical. 

The first physical component is a screen or mesh material that filters out bigger particulates and pollutants in the water.

Following the physical filter, the water is further filtered using a chemical component, typically activated carbon, which reacts with minute particles, metals, and chemicals in the water and absorbs them, resulting in safe and clean drinking water. 

An extra third filtering layer may be used to further separate any undesired substances from the water, improving the end product’s quality.

How Often Should You Change Your Refrigerator Water Filter?

All of our recommended picks have a service life of 6 months or 300 gallons, whichever comes first. Please keep in mind that this is subject to change depending on flow rate and usage. 

Refrigerator water filters will need to be replaced more frequently in large families than in smaller households. There are a number of refrigerator filters that have a 12-month lifespan, but that’s about it.

How to Install a Water Filter in a Fridge?

The type of filter used in your refrigerator determines how to install or replace a new water filter. Here’s where you can find the water filter in your refrigerator if you’re having trouble finding it:

Filters for the grill 

The grille is at the bottom of the front end. The filter will most likely mix in with the grille, making it difficult to spot. With a turn or a push, the filter can be removed.

Canister filters 

These types of filters are typically found in the refrigerator’s upper food compartment. They have a greater circle than in-grille filters but are shorter. Giving a canister filter a turn is all it takes to remove it.

Drop-down filters 

These filters are kept in a separate container located in the highest food compartment. To remove the filter, you must first open the container.

Slide-out filters 

Slide-out filters can also be found on the refrigerator’s inside. If you give them a quarter turn or press a button/the filter itself, they will eject.

Installation Steps of refrigerator water filters

  • Turn off the water supply to your home.
  • Remove the fittings or connections that keep the filter in place.
  • To remove the filter, gently pull the waterline on each end.
  • Remove the packaging from your new filter and open it.
  • Attach the water line to the inlet and outlet on each side of the fridge, and place the new filter in the slot that fits the old one (if within the fridge).
  • To keep the filter in place, secure the connections or fittings.
  • Turn on your water supply and put water through your filter for 5 minutes to flush it out while holding a jug underneath your refrigerator’s dispenser. Pour the water down the drain or save it for your pets or plants.
  • You’re all set to go.

Installing a water filter in practically any refrigerator is, in general, a breeze. You won’t need any equipment, you won’t have to unplug your fridge from the water supply, and you won’t need any additional training in 95 percent of cases. The typical flow rate may take anywhere from 24 to 36 hours to restore.

How Long do Refrigerator Water Filters Last?

The average refrigerator water filter lasts about six months, which equates to 200 to 300 gallons of water depending on how often the filter is used.

What is the Difference Between Normal Water Filters & Fridge Water Filters?

There is a distinction between normal water filters and fridge water filters. Refrigerator water filters have been approved to remove a variety of pollutants. 

Some water filters just reduce chlorine and enhance taste, whereas others remove cysts, heavy metals, pesticides, and even medications.

How do I Know When My Filter Needs to Change?

The filter reminder symbol on most refrigerators turns red when the filter needs to be changed. If yours doesn’t, mark 6 months on your calendar from the date of installation. 

Even if you don’t get a reminder, you’ll notice when your filter needs to be changed since your water pressure will decline.

Do I Need a Separate Filter for My Ice Maker and Water Dispenser?

It depends on the fridge model but the answer is almost always no. Because the filter is installed before the water line splits to your ice maker and water dispenser, it should filter the water for both.

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