Top 8 Best Wood & Coal Burning Stoves in Winter 2023

Wood and coal-burning stoves are both getting popular nowadays as the other power sources are ridiculously high in price. So the choice is yours now whether you are going to choose the wood-burning stove or coal-heating stove. 

The DOE lists these four elements as the reasons a wood stove is a great option including cleaner combustion, strong enough, and numerous modern, sized-average residences with heat. Traditional fireplaces might heat a small cottage or even a room. 

A family can now heat their entire house with a wood stove. Modern wood-burning stoves have an aesthetic appeal, which is an added benefit. Both for efficiency and as a component of interior design, they are expertly engineered.

On the other hand, your home will be cozy and toasty thanks to a coal stove, which is a desirable heating choice. Compared to firewood, coal provides more consistent heat and doesn’t require frequent refueling.

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Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P
Best wood burning stove Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P
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Exclusive (Wood & Coal)
Best wood and coal burning stove AS Know US B09TH3HW7C
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You are aware of the benefits, but which coal-burning stove or wood-burning stove is best for your residence or outdoor use? The portable wood stoves are the best option for camping, cooking, or backpacking trip as they are light in weight and convenient. 

But the stove which is being used indoors is more specific in features. We have got the best wood and coal burning stoves for you which are value for money, environment-friendly, safe for indoor use, and convenient for outdoor use also.

Is burning coal or logs preferable? Due to its density, coal can burn for longer periods of time at greater temperatures and more steadily than other fuels, resulting in generally more efficient combustion.

Additionally, coal is typically much simpler to store for two reasons. The first is simply that less fuel is required to provide the same outcomes as wood since it burns for a longer period of time.

8 Best Wood & Coal Heating Stoves for Indoor & Outdoor Use in 2023

Stand-alone versions, wall or hearth inserts and portable stoves are just a few of the different sizes and shapes available for wood-burning stoves and coal-burning stoves. Let’s take a look at the most efficient wood and coal heating stoves and the best brands of wood heating and coal-burning stoves for this winter.

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Wood Burning StoveAshley Hearth AW3200E-PBuy Now
Drolet Austral III – DB03033Buy Now
Lynwood-W76Buy Now
Ventis HES140Buy Now
Coal Burning StoveUS Stove BCACBuy Now
US Stove Company SR57EBuy Now
Both Wood & Coal Burning StoveAS Know US B09TH3HW7CBuy Now

1. Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P

Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10

Ashley Hearth AW3200E- EPA Certified Pedestal Wood Burning Stove with Blower
Ashley Hearth AW3200E-

Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P 3,200 Sq. Ft. EPA Certified Pedestal Wood Burning Stove with Blower, Black

If you decide to have a wood-burning stove for your indoor use this winter, Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P might be the best option undoubtedly. The user experience and the reviews are up to the mark for this magnificent wood heating stove.

An unusually large wood-burning stove with a heat output of 152,000 BTUs is the Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P. This stunning 3/16 inch steel stove is also of the market’s best-burning, EPA-certified appliances (without catalyst). Many interior designs are complemented by their simple style and clean lines. 

A 100 CFM blower is included with the AW3200E-P to aid in distributing heat evenly. The massive pedestal base of this wood stove has an integrated ash pan, and it has a large, arched glass door with a brushed nickel door handle. 

The EPA “Step 2” 2020 Certification Guidelines are rigorous, and the AW3200E-P wood stove complies. The old Vogelzang TR007 wood-burning stove has been replaced by the AW3200E-P model.


  • Brand: Ashley Hearth
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 39 x 24 x 32.5 inches
  • Heat Output: 152000 British Thermal Units
  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Item Weight: 351 pounds


  • Heats up to 3,200 square feet with 152,000 BTUs
  • Firebrick liner and heavy gauge 3/16 inch strengthened plate steel provide long life and efficient combustion.
  • accepts logs between 18 and 22 inches in length, and it can contain 30 pounds of wood.
  • Includes a 100 CFM adjustable high-speed blower for consistent heating
  • Any space looks lovely with a pedestal base and door handle in brushed nickel.

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2. Drolet Austral III – DB03033

Overall Score: 9.3 out of 10

Drolet Austral III - Extra Large 2020 EPA Certified Wood Stove
Drolet Austral III – DB03033

Drolet Austral III – Extra Large 2020 EPA Certified Wood Stove – 90,000 BTU – 2,300 sq.ft., Model# DB03033

You will love Drolet Austral III – DB03033 for sure as it provides a great experience to the users making your winter more cozy and comfortable. 

The Austral III is perfect for heating rooms up to 2,300 ft2 since it combines environmental awareness with performance. With a particle emission rate of 0.95 g/h, this non-catalytic appliance is among the most environmentally friendly on the market. 

All winter long, its maximum output of 90,000 BTU/h will keep you warm. Its firebox is specially made to accommodate loading wood at a depth. Steel legs with an ash drawer, a top air deflector, ceramic glass, an ash lip, and an air damper are included.


  • Brand: Drolet
  • Material: Wood
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 34.25 x 28.25 x 41 inches
  • Item Weight: 401 Pounds


  • Steel legs with an ash drawer, a top air deflector, ceramic glass, an ash lip, and an air damper are included.
  • EPA 2020 approved – Non-catalytic – Average particle emissions rate 0.95 g/h
  • Maximum log length is 20″; heating area ranges from 900 to 2,300 Ft2, and maximum heat output is 90,000 BTU/h (26.4 kW) – Firebox volume overall, 3. – 10 hours maximum burn time
  • The body thickness of the steel is 3/16″ and the top is 5/16″; certified for installation in mobile homes and alcoves
  • Made in Canada with a lifetime limited warranty

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3. Lynwood-W76

Overall Score: 8.8 out of 10

Lynwood-W76 Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove
Lynwood W76

Lynwood-W76 Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove

The Lynwood W76 is a welcome addition for all wood burners and is all a wood stove ought to be: effective, low-emissions, and capable of producing fantastic flames with a large viewing area. The Lynwood W76 wood fireplace is adaptable to any room and will produce a warm ambiance there.

The Lynwood W76 wood-burning fireplace is EPA 2020-approved and provides warmth without sacrificing air quality. A free-standing electric fireplace from Sierra Flame by Amantii with a decidedly European design. The W-76 Wood Fireplace has a viewing area made of beveled glass that is practically “see-through” on three sides.


  • Brand: Sierra Flame
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Color: Black
  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • BTU: 13,784 to 57,674
  • Weight: 540 pounds


  • EPA Certified
  • 78% Maximum Efficiency
  • Massive Glass for Fire Viewing
  • Maximum Log Size – 21”
  • Non-Catalytic
  • 13,784 to 57,674 BTU/hr
  • Heats up 2000 ft2

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4. Ventis HES140

Overall Score: 8.5 out of 10

Best wood stoves with blowers Ventis HES140
Ventis HES140

Ventis Wood Burning Stove with Pedestal

Smaller areas are perfect for the pedestal stove from Ventis, the HES140 wood stove. A cast iron door, top and side heat deflectors, a glass air-wash system, and premium refractory bricks are all features of this premium stove. This stove looks great in modern decor because of its simple, angular shape. 

The Ventis HES140 has the ability to heat spaces up to 1,200 square feet. Installation in an alcove has been approved. air-wash system for glass. Refractory bricks lined the firebox to improve heat distribution. Vermiculite of the highest grade for baffles. 6″ is the flue exit diameter. 78% efficiency is ideal. 

Could be eligible for some government subsidies. 1.8 g/h is the average particle emission rate. Appliance with high-efficiency certification: EPA 2020 approved. Yes, with a fresh air intake, the installation of a mobile house has been approved. 250 to 1,200 square feet should be used for heating.


  • Brand: Ventis
  • Heating BTU: 45000. 
  • Material: Steel. 
  • Fuel Type: Wood. Certification: Intertek To CSA, UL, And EPA. 
  • Size Range: 1000-1500 SQ FT.
  • Weight: 225 Lbs


  • Glass air-wash system with EPA approval
  • 6-inch flue outlet diameter
  • Installing an alcove has been approved.
  • Approved for mobile homes with fresh air intake
  • A supplementary air system made of stainless steel enhances gas combustion.
  • Refractory bricks lined the firebox to improve heat distribution.
  • A secondary air system made of stainless steel enhances gas combustion.
  • The technology of combustion: non-catalytic. tested and classified in accordance with relevant standards: by a lab that has been approved (CAN/USA). Federal Tax Credit Eligible
  • 82 square inches of viewing space. Log Length Maximum: 17 “. Size: 32 1/8 “. Width: 26 3/4 “. Depth: 26 3/4 ” (To Handle).

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5. US Stove BCAC

Overall Score: 9.4 out of 10

Best indoor coal-burning stove US Stove BCAC

US Stove BCAC Automatic Coal Circulator Heater

In comparison to most other circulators on the market, US Stove’s BCAC Automatic Coal Circulator Heater is a high-performance coal circulator. It is safe, durable, and versatile. It provides an automatic comfort control system with a non-electric, bi-metallic thermostat and a non-catalytic, trouble-free working mechanism. 

Tested and certified to U.L. 1482 by Warnock Hersey International for greater peace of mind and safety assurance. Additionally, this circulator has a cooking surface with a lift-top lid and safety clasp as well as an ashtray for simple cleanup. Shakers on heavy-duty cast iron grates increase durability for a longer lifespan and more thorough combustion. 

A 6″ flue, firebrick lining for durability and combustion efficiency, and TRI-AIR induction for a hotter fire, more efficiency, and less creosote buildup are further benefits of this product.US Stove BCAC is not for sale in California, Oregon, or Washington.


  • Brand: US Stove Company
  • Finish Types Black
  • Fuel Type: Coal
  • Product Dimensions: 21.25 x 33.5 x 34.25 inches
  • Item Weight: 272 pounds


  • Firebrick lining for extended life and effective combustion
  • Heavy-duty, shaker-equipped cast iron grates are more durable, resulting in a longer lifespan and more complete combustion.
  • Automatic comfort management is provided via a non-electric, bi-metallic thermostat without the need for energy.
  • Lift-top cooking surface with a secure safety latch.

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6. US Stove Company SR57E

Overall Score: 9.1 out of 10

Best coal burning stove US Stove Company SR57E
US Stove Company SR57E

US Stove Company SR57E Rancher Cast Iron Stove, Black

If you require the most affordable coal-burning stove, US Stove Company SR57E is the best choice. The Rancher cooking range from US Stove Company is made entirely of cast iron and burns bituminous coal. 

Features four eights on the huge flared top “lift-out cooktop lids that make it possible to load the top of many pots and pans at once. contains a handy ash door and tray for quick ash removal and cleaning, as well as a reduced spin draft to regulate air intake. use a common round six “stovepipe Rating in BTUs: 60,000. Due to state restrictions, this item cannot be purchased in WA, OR, or CA.


  • Brand: US Stove Company
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 20 x 24 x 28 inches
  • Item Weight: 160 Pounds
  • Fuel Type: Coal
  • Warranty: 1 Year


  • This bituminous coal-burning range is made of cast iron.
  • Four 8 “Lift-out cooktop covers make top loading simple.
  • Ash removal is made simple with the cast iron shaker grate and huge ash pan.
  • use round 6 standards “boiler pipe
  • Due to state restrictions, this item cannot be purchased in WA, OR, or CA.
  • 1000 square feet are heated

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7. AS Know US B09TH3HW7C

Overall Score: 8.9 out of 10

Best heating stove for both wood and coal burning AS Know US B09TH3HW7C

AS Know US Large Multifunctional Coal/Wood-Burning Heating Stove, Double Independent ovens, Pure Steel smokeless Stove, Suitable for Villas, courtyards, Shelters, Heating and Cooking

The multifunctional heating stove is popular at present. You can use different power sources like Coal, wood, crop straw, biomass pellets, etc. to produce heat with it.  AS Know US B09TH3HW7C is one of the best multifunctional Coal/Wood-Burning Heating stoves which is suitable for Villas, courtyards, Shelters, Heating, and Cooking.

Spaces that can be used include indoor, outdoor, courtyard, garden, rustic wooden homes, etc. It merely has to be used with an iron pot that can both cook and enjoy the warmth!

10-year warranty; made of pure cast steel. Your satisfaction will be baked in the large-capacity double-layer independent oven, so enjoy the taste! suitable for all journeys and seasons. It has a larger capacity for firewood, which is useful for cooking. To get a better flame, manage the airflow. Don’t leave any wood on the fire. Make outdoor camping during a harsh winter more pleasant and comfortable.


  • Brand: As Know US
  • Size: 63×40.5×54CM (length×width×height)
  • Weight: 22KG
  • Applicable fuel: Coal, wood, crop straw, biomass pellets, etc.
  • Material: One-piece hot-formed steel
  • Warranty: 10 Years


  • For use with coal, wood, agricultural hay, biomass pellets, or other non-toxic trash. Technology for high-density welding stops smoke leakage.
  • Ideal for a backyard patio or inside space. For heating, cooking, and tents and shelters, the multipurpose camping stove. Several items can be baked at once in the huge oven.
  • The entire body of every frame is coated in heat-insulating material, which effectively shields the old and young from collisions and burns while in use.
  • Utilizing a secondary burner and innovative gasification combustion technology not only increases fuel efficiency by 30 to 50% but also extends the combustion time to up to 24 hours.
  • Use 4″ round standard furnace tubes (diameter 10cm). 10-year warranty; use with confidence!

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Overall Score: 9.1 out of 10

Best coal and wood burning stove TOMYEUS B0BGHYPF5K

TOMYEUS Indoor Heating Furnace Straight Tube Steel Gun Furnace Burning Wood Coal Firewood Fire Cast Iron Coal Stove with Smoke Pipe Suitable for Household Rural Villas

TOMYEUS B0BGHYPF5K is the best wood and coal-burning stove you can go for indoor use. Although you can get it in the most affordable budget range, the experience with TOMYEUS B0BGHYPF5K won’t make you sad. 

Because there is moisture in the furnace and the firepower won’t be too great, the new stove will be utilized for the first time. As a result, white smoke will be produced in the high-temperature area of the stove, which is a typical occurrence, and the paint surface of the furnace body will heat up.

The body and chimney of the furnace are extremely hot when the stove is in use. Please don’t accidentally touch it. Children should adopt anti-scald precautions at home to prevent burns.

A chimney must be constructed if the stove will be used indoors. Regular chimney cleaning is required. Ventilation is important when using a stove to heat a room.


  • Brand: TOMYEUS
  • Fuel Type: Wood or Coal
  • Material: Steel Cannon
  • Weight: 27kg


  • Simple to install and locate fuel for; simply add dry wood and light it; in just 5 minutes, you’ll be ready to go. Excellent for use during camping trips, outdoor gatherings, and backyard cooking.
  • The 25cm-diameter fuel chamber of the camping wood stove is constructed of rust-resistant carbon steel. 
  • In addition to concentrating the flame for maximum longevity, the bottom sliding door design also makes cleaning simple.
  • The cooking grate, griddle, and pots and pans can all be supported by the camping stove’s large stovetop with ease. You can cook food, boil water, or build a wonderful fire for warmth.
  • The chimney’s vertical height shouldn’t be less than 2 meters. The paint surface must be dried in order to prevent smoke from being produced within the home as a result of the paint surface heating up, and the stove must also be checked for smoke leaks.

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Make Your Winter Cozy & Safe with Eco-friendly Wood/Coal Burning Stove

Nearly 3 billion people use wood, coal, and other solid fuels for heating and cooking in their homes globally. In the US, around 130000 homes still use coal to heat their homes.

Modern wood stove types have increased safety and efficiency; they use less firewood and emit nearly no smoke or ash. New EPA-certified stoves create no more than 4.5 grams of smoke per hour, as opposed to the 15 to 30 grams of smoke released per hour by older, uncertified burners. source

Our Recommendation

Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P

Best wood burning stove for indoor Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P

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Your home will be warm and cozy throughout the winter months if it has a high-quality wood-burning stove. They are quite efficient and useful, which accounts for their current level of popularity. Theoretically, a huge wood stove has the capacity to generate enough heat to warm a whole home. 

A wood stove, on the other hand, uses convective heat and lacks ducting to distribute heat throughout the house. Because of this, in a best-case situation, the heat from a wood stove is typically limited to a few nearby rooms.

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