Dezin Hot Pot Electric with Steamer, 1.5L Rapid Noodles Cooker, Non-Stick Electric Pot Perfect for Ramen, Egg, Pasta, Dumplings, Soup, Porridge, Oatmeal, Portable Cooking Pot with Power Adjustment

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DEZIN Electric Pot


“DEZIN” established in 2018, represents “Design,” “Excellence,” and “Zest for Innovation & Novelty.”

Since then, DEZIN has earned fame for its exceptional HOT POT products.

With a passion for creating unique and visually appealing products, DEZIN is dedicated to continuously researching and developing new ways to revolutionize the home experience for consumers and augment their experience with high-performing & one-of-a-kind products.

Dezin 1.5L Electric Cooker

Dezin 2L Electric Cooker

Electric Cooker with Steamer

Dezin Electric Cooker

Large Capacity Electric Cooker

Eat your way to a high-energy workday – Eat healthy no matter how busy you are. Our electric pot is for easy cooking and eating in the office. You can use it for a wide range of hot food, such as ramen, dumplings, soups and much more.
Throw a dinner with friends – Schedule regular get-togethers with friends where you enjoy a meal. It’s perfect that gather around the table for the weekends of communal cooking, conversation, and so much good eating.
A great gift for your friends – Our hot pot electric with steamer is a great gift that’s unique, practical and healthy. 1.5L capacity with an elegant looking, ideal size and space saving, convenient and easy to clean. Perfect for your friends who enjoy cooking.
Easy to clean with healthy diet – This electric cooker uses a non-stick coating, which guarantees you cooking little oil for a healthy diet, while it makes cleaning an easy way. Meanwhile, you can use a lot less oil than others with uncoated cookware, since it is safer and toxin-free (even at high setting), and environmentally friendly.