How Many Candles Do You Need to Heat a Room?

Do you know the ways you can heat up your room this winter without paying the additional electricity bill? Then how to heat a room without electricity? You might know that candles are the best alternatives to electric heaters. Well, there are a lot more queries especially how many candles do I need to heat a room? It’s proven that one candle’s heating power is 80W and a 150 sq. ft size room needs 1500W to warm up. As a result, you will require 15 candles to heat up a small room and 20 candles to warm up a large room. source

In winter, heaters are useful for different purposes and there are many kinds of heaters available which are electric, gas, oil, wood, and coal power sourced. Typically, electric-efficient water heaters, space heaters, wood-burning stoves, coal-burning stoves, and so on are the most power-efficient, time-worthy, and safest ways to warm up yourself in freezing cold.

Well, then what is the cheapest way to heat a room? Without using electricity, gas, or oil, the candle is a cheaper way to heat up your living room in winter. Besides, when you are running out of your heaters fuel, then in emergency cases, candles are the best option you can choose for heating up your small or large size room. In this regard, you just need to know how much a candle heats up a room. 

How to Heat a Room With Candles & How Much Watts It Produces?

The statistic shows the annual candle consumption across the 27-country European Union from 2014 to 2021. Around 807 thousand tons of candles were consumed in EU member states in 2021.

How much does a candle heat up a room? A single candle is not enough to heat a room. Again if you require lighting up as well as your sitting space, in this case, 3 to 4 candles can keep you warm. One question may arise, can the candle produce heat as much as a space heater? 75–85 BTUs are produced by a single candle. So, it would take 20 lit candles to produce the same amount of heat as one space heater.

Your candles now have a restricted burning time depending on their size. Small tea candles burn for three to four hours whereas larger table candles burn for seven to nine hours. Your heating time is therefore constrained.

How much energy/heat does one standard tea light candle have? Depending on the type of wax used, the power output of a typical tealight is roughly 32 watts. The “least quantity of smoke” and longevity are the two requirements that are most desired when used in batches of fifty or more, such as at a party. source

And after a while, your candles burn out, requiring replacement. That sounds utterly impractical.

120 tea candles would be required to heat one room for 24 hours! And you would need 360 candles to heat a whole house or cabin, say, with three rooms. For various samples, this number may vary slightly. However, you can often get 80 watts of energy from a single candle.

Consider how much that would cost you now. You also need to keep lighting and replacing new candles. Costs are irrelevant in a true emergency. But all you’ll do is waste a lot of candles. Simply adding a few more layers of clothing is simpler.

How To Get More Heat From a Candle?

Heating a room with candles and clay pots is also significant. A clay pot and candles are used to assemble these homemade candle heaters. Due to the wind, the candles set beneath the flowerpot may generate a little bit more heat. Under the pot that is upside down, candles are placed on the floor. When the heat reaches the hole at the bottom (now top) of the pot, it produces a suction.

How to get more heat from a candle

The burning rate and heating capacity of candles are accelerated by this suction force. Because of this, people believe that using a flowerpot instead of a space heater will increase the effectiveness and heat capacity of the candles.

Similar to the metal body of an oil heater, the flowerpot also serves as a heat storage device. It warms up and even releases heat. People need to realize that candles will also swiftly melt away even though they produce a bit more heat than usual in the flowerpot. Therefore, you require more candles per day.

Alternative of Electric Heater (Cheap Way to Heat Room)

However, You Can’t Deny that the Heat from Candles is Sufficient to Keep Your Room Warm, Can You?

Cool! You have already the idea that how much a candle can produce power or heat, how many candles are required to heat a small to large size room, and how you can get more heating power from candles.

Now it’s essential to know if you go for the candle heater to save your electricity, which candles are best for heating up your room. You know that decorative candles and scented candles are popular for many occasions. You can also check the best-selling brand of scented candles in the USA which is Private Label, SC Johnson & Sons, etc. But things are different when it comes to having candles for heating purposes in winter.

Which candles are the best to keep you warm? In winter, heating up your living space is essential and there are several options out there to do it and make your winter more comfortable. As we mentioned earlier that candles are the best alternative to electric or other power sources heater, then it’s time to choose the best candles to warm up your room. For instance, Melt Candle Company ‎64-0202-02, and Bolsius Ivory Pillar Candle are Smoke-free, Unscented, Smokeless, Dripless, Scented, and Clean Burning. These candles operating time is 55 hours to 110 hours which will keep your large room warm for a long time.

However, a candle can be used for room heating purposes but safety maintenance while burning this cheapest fuel is the first and foremost thing.

Candle Vs. Space Heater; Which is the Smart Choice?

You know, portable heaters or space heaters both are popular nowadays. But the thing you shouldn’t miss is that the candle is being used as a heater in winter to warm up the living room. And the experiment states that the candle had a power of roughly 80 watts and was burning at a rate of 2 thousandths of a gram per second.

Although a space heater is the smarter choice over candle heat to warm up your room at a chilling temperature, to some extent, candles can be your only option. Well, let’s take a look at which is worthier and more cost-effective.

Power Efficiency

Is a Space Heater More Effective Than a Candle? As we have established, there is no efficiency difference between candles and space heaters. 90% of the energy input, which is electricity, is converted into heat by space heaters. As a result, heaters and candles are equal.

Cost Effectiveness

Let’s now examine efficiency in terms of cost, nevertheless. Do candles, therefore, cost less than heaters? The short response is “not so much.” One may consider how expensive space heaters are as a product and then factor in the price of power. But candles aren’t all that much less expensive.

Heating Capacity

Tea can be kept hot using a candle’s limited heating capacity. An entire room can be heated using a space heater. Of course, you can simply add more candles to improve the heating capacity. It wouldn’t be fair to compare them, though.


Heaters have a long lifespan. Therefore, to determine which is a better option, you must weigh the benefits and costs in relation to the number of rooms. 


Is It Safe to Use Candles to Heat a Room? When considering using candles as warmers, many people worry about safety. To answer the question, realize that 20 candles must be lit simultaneously in a room for heat.

This poses a significant fire risk. More people today are drawn to making candle flowerpots because they believe it somehow adds to the warmth. In actuality, these pots pose an even greater threat.

Space heaters are quite secure. Misuse is to blame for the majority of space heater incidents. Attempting to dry clothes using a space heater, for instance. Naturally, it overheats and ignites.

However, a space heater is quite safe if used properly. Particularly now, with all the safety features available, such as tip-over protection and automated shut-off timers.

Additionally, there is a risk of a fire starting from the pots and increased by the concentration of candles. It’s generally not a good idea to heat a room with candles, especially if you live with children or pets. However, if you take the right precautions, you can avoid and manage emergencies.

Then it’s apparently clear that the space heater is the best choice over candlelight to warm up in cool temperatures. Find out the best space heater in the market which is the best in quality and most convenient and covers the large space to keep warm. But don’t forget to go through the safety tips for using a space heater in your living space where your family belongs to.

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Well, then we are in a decision against some queries. 20 candles are required to heat a small room. But that doesn’t imply that lighting candles are a smart move. Candles need to be replenished frequently because they burn out after a few hours. You will need 120 tea candles to heat a room for 24 hours. Additionally, you will need to regularly put out candles that are extinguished by the wind.

Candle heating is not a sensible concept. I’d prefer to advise heating with a typical propane heater for emergencies. Simply put, it’s far more efficient. It costs less than buying candles repeatedly and you don’t have to replace the propane bottle as often and it lasts longer.

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