KwikSafety – Charlotte, NC – TSUNAMI KIT [Premium BRAIDED ROPE] Vertical Lifeline, 1-D Ring Safety Harness, Lightweight Tool Lanyard, Roof Anchor, 20L Dry Bag ANSI OSHA Fall Protection System / 25 FT.

Price: $111.25
(as of Sep 19, 2023 01:18:56 UTC – Details)

PREMIUM BRAIDED ROPE (Better Than Twisted Rope!) – Durable vertical lifeline rope/lineas vida made of yellow & black quality interlaced 100% polyamide fall protection rope. The braided design makes it stronger & more resistant against abrasion & standard use, making this roof rope more flexible, sturdy & long-lasting. Features a hardened, plastic thimble for greater strength & includes a 100% polyester shock protection absorber enclosed in a PVC cover that will deploy in the event of a fall.
PROPER FIT, PROPER PERFORMANCE – Our TORNADO full-body safety harness is fully equipped w/ (1) dorsal d-ring that functions as the primary fall arrest attachment, travel restraint & rescue. The construction harness has load bearing straps made from pure, non-recycled synthetic material that is water repellant, has superior stitching & resistant against ageing, heat & abrasion. Ensure a safe & proper fit with (3) pass-through buckles located on the hips, chest and legs of the harness.
SAFETY TOOL LANYARD & ROOF ANCHOR – The KwikSafety TENTACLE tool lanyard is designed for light duty uses, namely hand tools & smaller power tools. Durable bungee strap, (1) cord stopper to secure your tools, & (1) anodized aluminum carabiner. The KwikSafety GATOR roof anchor is ideal for residential & commercial roof work. Includes 32 holes total for attachment or steel roof anchorage. W/ a minimum tensile strength of 5,000lbs the GATOR is designed to be used by 1 person, max capacity of 310lbs.
OSHA COMPLIANT (Keep OSHA on Your Side) – Ideal for any project where OSHA compliance is required. Ideal for roofing safety kit, ladder roofing line, construction fall protection, gutter cleaning roof safety, installation roofing kit, inspection/maintenance roof fall protection, wind turbines, communication towers safety rope, water tanks/wells, ship yards, window washing harness lifeline. Life lines used by ironworkers, roofers, linemen, engineers, inspectors, technicians, cleaner/painter, etc.