Wxvimi Electric Noodle Pot,Electric Cooking Pot,Rapid Noodles Cooker,1.8L Electric Ramen Cooker with Steamer,Non-Stick Mini Hot Pot Electric,Suitable for Pasta,Dumplings,Eggs,Soup,Porridge(Blue)

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Electric Hot Pot with Steamer Electric Hot Pot with Steamer

Wxvimi 1.8L Electric Cooker

Electric Cooking Pot with Steamer can meet your Fried/Fry/Boil/Stir-fry and more cooking methods.

Multifunctional Electric PotMultifunctional Electric Pot

Wxvimi Multifunctional Electric Cooker

Professional home appliance brand,Exquisite design and quality manufacturing,To provide you with satisfactory products.

Make it more convenient for you to use,to meet the cooking needs of homes,apartments,schools and other places.

Life needs passion.Cooking is creative.Food is elaborate.

Make you happy life every day!

Nonstick Electric Cooking Pot

Electric Hot Pot with SteamerElectric Hot Pot with Steamer

Nonstick Electric Pot 1.8L

1.8L Nonstick Electric Pot with Steamer,It can be steamed and boiled at the same time, saving you cooking time.

Mini Hot Pot Mini Hot Pot

1.8L Mini Pot Electric

Mini pot electric allows you to make simple food anytime, anywhere and quickly in your busy study and work.

Electric Noodle PotElectric Noodle Pot

Electric noodle pot 1.8L

A ray of warm sunshine in the morning, let the rich food to start your new day happy life. Make you passionate!

Hot Pot Electric Hot Pot Electric

Steamer Pot Electric 1.8L

Electric nonstick pot, meet your various cooking, fried food, make food more crispy and delicious.

Ramen CookerRamen Cooker

1.8L Electric Cooker

During the weekend break, invite friends for dinner, cook delicious steaks, and enjoy a relaxed life together.

Steamer Pot ElectricSteamer Pot Electric

Electric Ramen Cooker 1.8L

To live a colorful life and make gourmet delicacies, you need a multifunctional electric pot.

Hotpot Pot ElectricHotpot Pot Electric

Ramen Noodle Cooker Electric

Portable electric cooking pot, not only can make delicious food, more as a gift to classmates, friends, colleagues!

【Multifunctional electric cooking pot】This electric mini pot can be used in the upper and lower layers of the steamer. It is very suitable for stewing soup, cooking Pasta,dumplings, noodles, soup, porridge, eggs, oatmeal and other delicious various foods, providing you with a variety of choices for preparing daily meals. The pot can also be used for frying, steak, chicken, fried rice, noodles, eggs,etc.To meet all your expectations of deliciousness.
【Easy to clean and easy to cooking】 The electric ramen cooker uses non-stick inner pot.The smooth coating helps prevent food from sticking. Professional cooks prefer this type of pot, which is simpler during washing and use, and easy to clean after use.
【Better performance】 The non-stick wok has overheating protection and dry-burning protection, anti-dry-burning function, when there is no water in the pot, the rice cooker will automatically shut down,and the dry-burning protection function can also effectively prevent the pan It keeps boiling when overheated,The cooling base can be used for a long time. The thickened manufacturing material allows for better performance in cooking.
【Simple and practical design】 It is very suitable for cooking in apartments without kitchens, student dormitories and offices without cooking utensils. Used as a substitute for multi-function furnace. It occupies a small space and is easy to store and carry. Suitable for college students. Invite your friends or classmates to have delicious food, it’s fun. If you want to go to a party, travel or picnic, this portable mini pot with steamer is also your ideal choice.